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5 For Foreigners Order, 1948, see Gazette of India, 1948, Pt. (2) A copy of every order made tinder this section shall be placed on the table of both Houses of Parliament as soon as may be after it is made.] 4. 5[(1)] Any foreigner (hereinafter referred to as an internee) in respect of whom there is in force any order made under clause (g) of sub-section (2) of section 3, directing that he be detained or confined, shall be detained or confined in such place and manner and subject to such conditions as to maintenance, discipline and the punishment of offences and breaches of discipline as the Central Government may from time to time by order determine.] (2) Any foreigner (hereinafter referred to as a person on parole) in respect of whom there is in force an order under clause (e) of sub- section (2) of section 3 requiring him to reside at a place set apart for the residence under supervision of a number of foreigners, shall while residing therein be subject to such conditions as to maintain- ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Ins.

8 (2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, orders made under this section may provide that the foreigner- (a) shall not enter 1[India] or shall enter 1[India] only at such times and by such route and at such port or place and subject to the observance of such conditions on arrival as may be prescribed; (b) shall not depart from 1[India], or shall depart only at such times and by such route and from such port or place and subject to the observance of such conditions on departure as may be prescribed;(c) shall not remain in 1[India] or in any prescribed area therein ; 2 (cc) shall, If he has been required by order under this section not to remain in India, meet from any resources at his disposal the cost of his removal from India and of his maintenance therein pending such removal;](d) shall remove himself to, and remain in, such area in 1[India] as may be prescribed;(e) shall comply with such conditions as may be prescribed or specified- (i) requiring him to reside in a particular place; (ii) imposing any restrictions on his movements; (iii) requiring him to furnish such proof of his identity and to report such particulars to such authority in such manner and at such time and place as may be prescribed or specified ; (iv) requiring him to allow his photograph and finger impressions to be taken and to furnish specimens of his handwriting and signature to such authority and at such time and place as may be prescribed or specified (v) requiring him to submit himself to such medical examination by such authority and at such time and place as may be prescribed or specified; --------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Subs. (1) The Central Government may, by order, declare that all or any of the provisions of this Act or of any order made thereunder shall not apply, or shall apply only in such circumstances or with such exceptions or modifications or subject to such conditions as may be specified in the order, to or in relation to- (a) the citizen's of any such Commonwealth country as may be so specified; or (b) any other individual foreigner or class or description of foreigner. The former brackets, letter and words" (g) shall be, arrested and detained or confined ;" were omitted by Act 11 of 1957, s.

The application form completed in all respect and submitted succesfully, is to be submitted at the concerned Indian Visa Application Center (IVAC) or directly to Indian Mission/ Post in absence of IVAC, on the scheduled date of interview along with the requisite supporting documents.

The instructions for filling the form and scheduling the appointment can be refered at Instructions for Regular Visa Application.

Visa fee is divided into various types depending upon the case viz; Basic fee, special fee, processing fee by out-sourcing agency.

During the online registration process, at the end of the process the basic fee shall be displayed.

(3) The keeper of every such premises shall maintain a record of the information furnished by him under sub-section (1) and of the information obtained by him under sub-section (2) and such record shall be maintained in such manner and preserved for such period as may be prescribed, and shall at all times be open to inspection by any police officer or by a person authorised in this behalf by the District Magistrate. (2) A decision as to nationality given under sub-section (1) shall. If in any case not falling under section 8 any question arises with reference to this Act or any order made or direction given thereunder, whether any person is or is not a foreigner or is or is not a foreigner of a particular class- or description the onus of proving that such person is not a foreigner or is not a foreigner of such 14 particular class or description, as the case may be, shall, notwith- standing anything contained in the Indian Evidence Act, 1872, lie upon such person.

(4) For the purposes of this section- (a) the expression "name" includes a surname, and ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1 Subs. (2) Every person accommodated in any such premises shall furnish to the keeper thereof a statement containing such particulars as may be required by the keeper for the purpose of furnishing the information referred to in sub-section (1). (3) Any person to whom any direction has been given under sub- section (1) and who is aggrieved thereby may, within thirty days from the date of such direction, appeal to the Central Government ; and the decision of the Central Government in the matter shall be final.] 8. (1) When a foreigner is recognised as a national by the law of more than one foreign country or where for any reason it is uncertain what nationality if any is to be, ascribed to a foreigner, that foreigner may be treated as the national of the country with which he appears to the prescribed authority to be most closely connected for the time being in interest or sympathy or if he is of uncertain nationality, of the country with which he was last so connected : Provided that where a foreigner acquired a nationality by birth, he shall, except where the Central Government so directs either generally or in a particular case, be deemed to retain that nationality unless he proves to the satisfaction of the said authority that he has subsequently acquired by naturalization or otherwise some other nationality and still recognized as entitled to protection by the Government of the country whose nationality he has so acquired. (3) The master of any vessel or the pilot of any aircraft, as the case may be, by means of which any foreigner enters or leaves 1[India] in contravention of any order made under, or direction given in pursuance of, section 3 shall, unless he proves that he exercised all due diligence to prevent the said contravention, be deemed to have contravened this Act.

All Individual visa seekers are requested to apply for the Indian Visa through online application link.

If you have already applied online for Indian Visa online and want to know the status of your application, please follow the link for Visa Enquiry.

Further details / description shall be available on the Visa Enquiry page.

Governement of India issues the following visas: e-Visa, Business Visa, Conference Visa, Diplomatic Visa, Employment Visa, Emergency Visa, Entry Visa, Journalist Visa, Medical Visa, Missionaries Visa, Permit to re-enter within 2 months, Research Visa, Student Visa, Tourist Visa, Transit Visa, Intern Visa, Film Visa.

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Please follow the link for details on Visa Provision and supporting documents Upon receipt of the Visa Application through Indian Visa Application Center or directly, the Indian Mission/ Post requires a minimum of three working days to process the case and issue a visa depending upon the nationality and excluding special cases. Or can apply by typing the URL: https://in in the address bar of web browser, in order to make an application for getting the Indian visa.