Gentoo driver sd needs updating

03-Jan-2018 14:53

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So thank you very much for your help, I spent quite a lot of time on that already and I can finally go further :-) David On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at PM, Nikos Chantziaras Glad it works, but in any case, search the BIOS for things like "SATA" or "Native". But this one is my computer at work and I'm already glad I can replace Windows with Linux :-) Actually, Windows WILL still boot, as long as the correct drivers are installed.

Procedure here is: 1) Set SATA to "old fangled" mode 2) Install Windows 3) Download drivers from manufacturers' website, SP1 or SP2 & SP3, Windows Update &c.

Neither were behaving like a DVD drive, any time I tried to eject they simply shut again immediately and I couldn't use any programs that made use of the drives eg Brasero, mplayer etc.

To compile the kernel I took the chickens way out and used Genkernel so I assumed that a lot of the default settings would be right and that the Gentoo Handbook would guide me.

At this point can I please state that the Gentoo Handbook is an invaluable, well written guide when installing Gentoo.

However there is one point that needs updating: When using Genkernel with IDE drives the default setting selects: This is obsolete and causes problems with udev which is designed to make your life easier.

If you are using Grub Legacy then type: The (real_)root=/dev/hda... Restart your system and all of your DVD/CD drives should now be functioning as expected. Hopefully it may provide the answer that some of the other users may be looking for.

Not that I want to reproduce it but I don't like when I can't understand what was going on. PS: You reminded me of one the reasons I don't buy HP or any other generic vendor. : P That's also my point of view though I only have a short experience with a Packard Bell something like 10 years ago and that was already a nightmare. I can't go into details, because I've done i more than once on different machines, but generally switching to the "new style" in BIOS has worked fine for me, once the o/s is fully installed. Then change all of the drives labelled hda, hdb, hdc... So if you previously had 2 IDE and 2 SATA drives then previously they may have been labelled hda, hdb, sda, sdb.However this will now be changed to sda, sdb, sdc, sdd with your IDE drives being labelled sda & sdb and your SATA drives now getting labelled sdc & sdd. Finally the last step is to modify your GRUB menu entry if you've set a separate partition for /boot.The IDE command set was evolved from SCSI and is now being merged back with exit genkernel and wait for a few minutes for it to complete.

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Then I entered the command: Now comment out anything that includes the DVD/CD drives by placing a # at the start of the line. If you have a combination of IDE and SATA then the IDE will be labelled first and the SATA drives second.For new projects time is of the essence: there is typically some idea-polishing which must occur before the proposing the idea formally.