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Among the 50 numbered microphone pipes, #1 was offered to the winner and #2 kept in the Dunhill’s Museum in London. • Value (Unsmoked - Jul 2011): 765.50 US $ • 547.20 € The Space Shuttle edition was carved by Bill Taylor (Ashton) just before he left Dunhill (1983). Hallmarks: The "H" date letter on the band (enlarged view #2) is coherent with the year suffix (22) on the shank: 1982 The crown certifies a gold band (fineness: 750).• Value (Estate - June 2013): A limited edition series of one hundred numbered pipes with two separate mouthpieces: a churwarden stem and a shorter stem. The vents on the case and the removable bowl may be observed on the enlarged views. The patent 141486/19 has been granted in 1920 for the design of the ventilated case.CATEGORY: artifact DEFINITION: Small pipes carved in one piece from stone and polished, representing birds, fish, and other animals, particularly form the Hopewell culture of the Eastern Woodlands of the United States during 300 SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: pan-pipe lug CATEGORY: ceramics DEFINITION: A type of handle found on Neolithic pottery of the Chassey, Cortaillod, and Lagozza cultures in France, Switzerland, and northern Italy.It consisted of cylindrical vertical lugs placed side by side, thus resembling slightly the panpipe. Harrington first drew attention to the fact that there is a general reduction in hole size from 1620-1800.It has been suggested that they were introduced into Ecuador by voyagers from across the Pacific.

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(A New Method of Calculating Dates from Kaolin SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: post mold, post hole, post-pipe, post-pit CATEGORY: feature DEFINITION: A hole dug or bored into the ground for holding an upright post.

Large pyramidal platform mounds, helmeted figurines, spouted jars, and incised pottery have been found and evidence of polychrome painting and metallurgy.

Houses with saddle roofs (low, downward-curving roof ridges), pottery head/neck rests, figurines with one leg crossed over the other, Pan pipes graduated towards the center and ear plugs shaped like golf tees were unique to the culture -- but they have parallels in southeast Asia.

• Value (Estate - Aug 2012): 1325.00 US $ • 1024.67 € Pipes from this limited edition are supposed to be inspired by the shapes of pagoda roof tops.

They are fitted with a Jade band set between two sterling silver bands and came with a Jade tamper (enlarged view #1).Even when the wood has decayed and the hole silted up, or the post has been extracted, the existence of a posthole can be recognized by differences between the color and texture of its fill and those of the earth into which it was dug.

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