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14-Oct-2018 17:36

In my code I loop through the whole Grid View, so there will be several selectedindex returned from the first row to the last row in Grid View.If any of Radio Button List is unanswered (no selection), system will output the warning can set the Error Message property value to display error message when validation failed.this example demonstrate you how can we validate radiobuttonlist control using requiredfieldvalidator.I do not want to use required field validator as it would give me a lot of error messages.

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It is kind of whether you make the selection or not.

Required Field Validator validation control make an web server input control as like a mandatory field.

input control validation fails if the value of control does not change from it's initial value.

I have a number of Radio Button List on a single webpage.

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I need to perform javascript validation on each one of them.

If the question is "yes/no", there will be two options in it, so the index will be "0" and "1".