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A third of all road accidents in Calcutta occur after 10pm and offenders in hit-and-run cases often can't be identified for want of police surveillance cameras that can read the number plates of the vehicles in the dark.

The police's failure to adopt technology, specifically RLVD (red light violation detection) cameras, explains why the driver of the vehicle that killed Tata Consultancy Services employee Sayoni Mukherjee in Gouribari Lane near Ultadanga on Monday night might remain unidentified.

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The fact that I happen to have a complete K1004v engine and tranny w/paralever that I got for my 85 K has me thinking...

To make sure you don’t miss out on the 2016 championship, lodge an expression of interest with the NSW Supersprint Panel.

Mid season is always a busy period for CAMS WA Speed Event Series competitors and this year is no exception with six rounds of the super sprint and hillclimb championship being held over a ten week period.

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Cheers__________________________________________________Only a few activities make me experience my senses in a way motorcycle riding does, it is like swimming in the nude in a river. But K11 and EU/K1 with the same duration have different part #.

The 23-year-old was returning home from work with colleagues in an office pool car when the accident occurred around 11.40pm.

The only evidence of what happened is grainy footage captured by the CCTV cameras in the area.

So far this year the SES has been to Collie, Busselton, Wanneroo and for the June long weekend will head to Albany.

CAMS has adopted a national policy to address the threat of competition-fixing within motor sport and the corruption that flows from that.

These cameras have special sensors and are mounted in such a way that they can capture images of number plates clearly even in the dark.